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“Traditional nosh aromas, the authentic taste,
‘Lakhnavi Dhabas’ are very tasty controversies to chase.”

The food culture in Lucknow has its own identity . The ‘culinary revolution’ simmers up the natural ,healthy , ethnic taste that the dhaba’s food wraps. Lucknow, now being the metropolitan city also enchants its outer with the silage dhabas.
‘Makke ki roti’ & ‘Sarso ka saag’, ‘Makkhani daal’ & ‘Aalo ki chaat’ visit our mouth with complete delight.
Eating is an art and eating with love enshrines heart.And , this ‘Heart’ is the dhaba and the ‘art’ is its cuisine.

Punjabi Dhaba

The lip smacking cheapest food found here is stomach lurching. The ‘desi tadka’ of Paneer- butter- masala, Paneer -do- pyaza are treat to the food lovers. The excellent saccharine paneer dishes are the cherishable dates to the people visiting this place. The ‘Malai Chicken’ , ‘Masala craved Chicken’ , ‘Chicken-e- Pyaza’ and the ‘Butter Chicken’ constitute the best cuisine found in typical desi lucknow’s nosh.

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Break Point Dhaba

What is a perfect break? After exams? Or lots of travelling? Maybe partying with friends? The everlasting syndrome of delicious smoking food clicks the saliva drops. The place serves the finest cuisine of Lucknow with an epitome of presentation. The heated charcoal, red velvety, lushy taste are gleam to hungry stomach.

Fauji Dhaba

‘For a happy hearty meal , enroute to fauji for a good family treat.’
The ‘Tandoori Chicken’ with the sorceries lusty taste and ‘Afghani Chicken’ famous for its kebabs are best served here. The nurturing evolution of food fill the hue of heart with the lovely grace. ‘Never miss the glow in cuisine provided here’.

Gyani Ji ka Dhaba

Gyani Ji ka Dhaba
Delicious decorum with cheap and efficient quality makes this place best visited than those swanky 5- star hotels. The nosh gives a dopamine lush and adrenaline rush. The sheer veggies and snack monsters are the gleaming eras of love to food given here.

Sai Da Dhaba

The crunchy ‘daal kachauri’ blows the crushy clicks of tongues. The velvety confectionery portrays the diabetes of lust. The best cuisine found here at the corners of lalbagh are the gracious feast and conversation. Enjoy the cheapest and tasty meal with Sai da dhaba.

Urban Dhaba

The rich place in Lucknow showcase the velvety talent of food here. The precious presentation with the delightful ingredients serve the epitome quality of cuisine meal. Kesar lassi , colorful mocktails and chilling kulfi sing the finest complimentary tales of taste.

One night sitting under the canopy of stars, I dream! This time not the silver fork but just licking the food on my fingers. Taste enriching my diet and ailments loving my soul .’
Come let’s connect two souls with the blissful dhaba nosh.

Ameesha Saxena

Ameesha Saxena

The best way to deal with a  violent storm of emotions and imaginations is to pen it, soothe it, speak it.I sketch poems and your attraction is my reward. The skillful art of weaving words into stories is a blessing that I owe to almighty Thee. Many people write for fun, but for me writing is attachment, both with my soul and my readers. Mystique, Fiction, Exoticism, Radiance all rhyme to my work. It's never too late to start, in life and in Blogging! Passion defines living every moment and I've just begun to give in to passion.Streaming blood in body and inking silence in write-ups define me completely.

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