Monday is a great for becoming too busy to die! Here are 5 ways to handle such a Monday.

By May 7, 2018 Lifestyle

Has another crazy weekend led to Monday blues? Well, it happens with most of us. Some tend to become grumpy, few frustrated and others might even flunk their work. All of us suffer from Monday blues. Intensity differs, but it happens with everyone. There are few sneak outs that can help grow out of the shades of blue and enjoy the shades of various colors. Read on to get some fun and crazy hacks:

Make plans for the weekdays.

Often people make plans for weekend that leads to crazy mood swings on the Monday morning. It’s better to make schedules and plans for weekdays. It will help you to look forward for weekdays and organise your working schedule.

Wake up to your favorite groove.

Everything might get sorted when you listen to your favourite song. As soon as you are up, tune in to your playlist. Sing along, dance or cook — choice is yours. It’ll help you to rejuvenate from the low phase of a Monday morning and rather urge the flow of adrenaline. You will feel positive and excited for the remaining day.

Dress up.

Trust me guys, self-love always works. Dress up and look beautiful or handsome. It will help you to have a positive outlook towards your own self. Not only you will feel good about your own self but people around you will throw compliments at you. This will boost your morale and encourage you to feel giddy and happy.

Take teeny tiny breaks.

Take small breaks. It will distract you from any stressful situation, make you feel relaxed and help you focus more on your work. Taking small breaks will release the built up pressure from your brain providing increased level of concentration and grasping power.

Stretch those cheek muscles.

Smile! It will make your brain think that everything is good and you’ll feel better about the day. Look at your reflection in a mirror and smile, pass smiles to your colleagues; it’ll make your as well as their day better. Self talk can also take away that pain of Monday blues.

Mondays are never a welcome (until if it’s a holiday), but to ravish everyday smile like there is no tomorrow, live like it’s your last day. Happy Monday to you fellas !

Shreya Mishra

Shreya Mishra

The adrenaline for the soul is vision- vision to look into your own self, into someone,in future or in the past. Her vision foretells a story, her words the emotion. Her ability to observe captures the duality of life and being. She is jovial, emotional, sensitive and understanding. She sees the black and whites just the way they are. Being extreme is in her nature. The writer in her, carves and moulds, her outlook towards life. Her belief lies in her observation of the world around, the world filled with shades, yet her perception beholds the faculty of perpetual positivity.


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