Fashion Disasters that shook our eye balls since time immemorial (1900- 2010)

By May 21, 2018 Lifestyle

We all know there were trends which shook not only our eyes but gave nightmares throughout our lives. Few people still follow such trends till now. One must know such trends give chills to those who set their eyes upon them. Here is a list of few fashion disasters that can ruin ones image permanently.

1900’s Corsets

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It might make a woman’s waist look small and attractive, but physically it was a torture. Ribs were broken, lungs were damaged, dislocation of internal organs, etc were few of the side effects of such piece of cloth. Not that women take any less time to get ready, wearing corsets take another couple of hours to get ready.

1950’s White hand gloves

Impractical and dysfunctional, it was difficult to eat food without getting their gloves dirty. Had it been an Indian cuisine, it would be a complete mess and disaster. With all the gravy running down the hands, it would become a horror.

1970’s Jumpsuits for men

It’s weird to imagine men using loo while wearing jumpsuits. Some pieces of ensembles are only made for certain species, not for every being. Hence it was pain in the eyes to look handsome young men in jumpsuits.

2000’s Uggs with Miniskirts

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It would resemble like a rainy day look gone wrong. One piece of clothing gives the feel of winter or rainy day and the other highlights summer vibes. Together they create a disaster in a cup.

2010’s Jeans with running shoes

One can imagine running shoes with tracks or joggers but jeans? It takes away the entire use of both the pieces. The shoes make you look sport ready and the jeans give the contradictory perspective of casual outing. Both cannot jumble up together and hence adds on to the list of disaster.

Fashion sense is just like common sense, many of us don’t have it. It’s common, yet not common. As it is rightly said,

“ it’s better to have fewer things of quality than too much expendable junk”- Rachel Zoe

Shreya Mishra

Shreya Mishra

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