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Coffee is synonymous with wine for a hardcore coffee lover. Coffee indulgence is in fact, a remedy for a stressful mind!

Not to mention, just the aroma of the brew suffices to calm a burdened body. It might be tough to get up on some days. It is impossible to refuse a cup of brew with all the happiness it offers! Instant coffee is a perfect delight for such occasions.

Places in Lucknow are known to offer the finest and exquisite flavors of coffee. Here are a few places to clue in the caffeine-curious minds in the town.

Free spirit café

frees pirit-lucknow
This small café in Gomti Nagar has Sunday-funday vibes. The place has a homely aura, peculiar decoration, customer-friendly service and a very fine playlist! If you happen to pick up its Irish cappuccino, you can’t help salivating at its taste! Suggestions at this place include Irish Cappuccino, Oreo Cold Coffee, and Iced Latte.

Coffee Culture

Located in Mahanagar, the place has recently undergone renovation and this revamp is stupefying! The place gives a warm, home-like vibe with a small library and a variety of books. Special attractions at this place are Nutella Cappuccino and Irish Coffee.

Hideout Café

This is a small, cozy place in Gomti Nagar. Everything about this café is amazing and relaxing. Just sitting in a corner and sipping coffee adds delight to the day. The Hideout Special Coffee is worth your money!

Heaven Can Wait

This is a special branch of the famous JJ Bakers in Cyber Heights. Although it entails a vast variety of bakery products, this outlet doesn’t let your hopes down in terms of coffee. The Café Latte is a perfect blend of apt levels of coffee, sugar, and chocolate in a cup!

Baatla House

Baatla House is a startup by two young and spirited engineers. With a vision to quench your thirst and drown you in a barrel of fondness, they have engineered the drinks hence served! Café Latte is a seductive form of milk fused coffee. Tropical Himalayan Cold Coffee is a delicious devil with a pinch of imagination. Every drink is unimaginably sexy!

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Coffee is an enchanting beverage. It is the most delicious drink that the human race can ever afford in such an economical way.
Visit these places, get a handful of coffee, drop a review and fall in love with coffee all over again!

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