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Ahoy! The ONLY RULE that governs the complex art of modern reading is — Don’t be boring! So here at Wordhazard, we take an oath to extract the core and present a summarised version of a bookworm smoothie! (Yucks!)

Breaking the stereotype is what we truly aim at. You might’ve missed out that priest who’s crazy about Led Zeppelin or your neighbor who can roll over with his skateboard or the girl two blocks away who could beat the crux out of you at Soccer !!

We present to you the brilliance you are unaware of!
Literature to soak in…Check!
Happy Meal for foodies…Check!
History and it’s tantrum…Check!
Love is in the air…Check!
Novels, facts, fictions, non-fictions, we got every rookie covered up for you!

So hop in and find out your happy section, read the best and forget the rest.
Welcome aboard hombre.

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