5 characters by William Shakespeare that closely resemble life

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It is beautifully quoted by the master of expressions, William Shakespeare that

“One man in his time plays many parts.”

Not only the maestro of literature but also the king of the best written play, William Shakespear was the man who personified characters as a part of his soul. His plays are the epitome of comedy, tragedy and romance.Commonwealth could not understand him until they realized that Shakespeare was something beyond just plays, but the creator of
life’s philosophy. His characters, at every step, have been a trend setter for all generations. Romeo and Juliet validated that true love never fears death, while Julius Caesar preached that blind faith is fatal. He redefined the concept of bringing life to souls around us. All we need now, is to feel their presence.


One of the most fierce female characters he ever created, Lady Macbeth was as strong as a man who broke rules and took her own decisions. A woman is seen fearlessly plotting the murder of king Duncan and pursing her husband to commit the crime, she isn’t afraid of consequences.Shakespeare effectively brings out the dark side of a woman who
after the murder faces guilt that leads her to take her own life.

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The character of a Nurse leaves the readers in a conflict of emotions if she is a crude opportunist or a loving realist ? She is a lower class woman who treats Juliet as a daughter. Her definition to love is restricted to the physical and temporary love while Juliet’s love for Romeo is the eternal, soulful form of love. The Nurse in the beginning is seen as very supportive of the developing love story of Romeo and Juliet and also stands for her in the decision of marriage. But as the play proceeds, it is seen that she forces Juliet to forget Romeo and marry Paris. There is a moment when the Nurse is attacked verbally and physically by Lord Capulet and maybe that becomes a turning point when she realizes that if Romeo and Juliet marry, Juliet will face the most brutal faces of the society. Just to prevent that, she chooses to go against the marriage.


Prospero is the protagonist of the last play written by Shakespeare. He is a deeply conflicting character as described in the play. At times he is seen as a sympathetic soul being pressurized by his elder brother. On the
other hand, he is the unsympathetic cruel soul who controls the lives of people with his magic and wishes to conquer not only humans but also nature with his magic and spells. Gradually he grows intensely sympathetic. Prospero somewhere reflects Shakespeare’s own self as he manipulates the plot. In the last act of the play, he asks for an applause and that resembles the way Shakespeare expected an applause for his story.


Rosalind is one of Shakespeare’s most warm, human and ideal romantic character that completely dominates the stage with her appealing personality. She possesses all the virtues of a Renaissance English Woman : witty, strong, calm and full of utmost integrity. At the same time, she beautifully carries the dignity of being the daughter of a Duke.Rosalind has a realistic understanding that always makes her the most admirable woman.


Shakespeare presented Iago as a character engrossed in unsolved puzzles. His personality is decorated with irony and that is the uniqueness of the character. He claims a reputation for honesty but at the same time he elaborates lies to exploit and manipulate others. He has no space for emotions though he is a married man who once loved his wife unconditionally. He cares for no one yet surrenders his entire life for revenge rather than living in disdain. He might have set up a false reputation for honesty but how is it possible to fake honesty without being honest for a long time? Irony strikes Iago at every step, bringing out the best of Shakespeare’s imagination.

William Shakespeare explored the deepest oceans of literature and brought the purest jewels of characters. He went beyond the barriers to society, bringing out the ruthless side to a woman and at the same time bringing out the human being in a villain. His characters are undoubtedly close to life, connecting people to the hidden or maybe the long forgotten parts of their souls.



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