10 times when Paulo Coelho entrapped us in his magic!

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Who wouldn’t love a handful of life combined with trinkets of magic? In other words, who wouldn’t love Paulo Coelho?

What we all desire is something mysteriously stunning to happen in our everyday lives. This little piece of magic came disguised as a little man — an Aborigine with the powers of magic wand.

Let us wander through some quotes from his labyrinth of wisdom that’ll make us fall in love with him all over again!!

1-She was free, for life liberates.

She was free, for life liberates. | The Fifth Mountain

2-The wise are wise only because that love.

The waise are wise only because that love. | The Zahir

3-In real life.

By the river piedra I sat down and wept

4-The future would end up finding the truth about the past.

The future would end up finding the truth about the past. | Like the flowing river

5-Love for writing.

writing is one of the most solitary activites in the world | The zahir

6-It wasn’t a dance.

It wasn’t a dance | The witch of Portobello

7-Whenever someone dies.

Whenever someone dies | The winner stands alone

8-The fool who loves.

The fool who loves | Like the flowing river

9-there you will find your treasure.

Remember that | The Alchemist

9-I was not I.

I was not I | The Zahir

A rose petal dreams of enjoying the company of the bees, but none shows up. The Sun asks it : ” Aren’t you tired of waiting? ”

“Yes of course I am, but if I close my petals, I will wither away and die…”

So get your rose petals this weekend and nature them with utmost love !!

Picture credit : Dhairya Shukla

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