Here is why you should never delay opening a bottle of Whiskey!

“Whiskey, Iike a beautiful woman, demands appreciation. You gaze first, then it’s time to drink.”
~ Haruki Murakami

Whiskey is probably one of the most iconic liquor segment of all times, you’ve seen it in movies, games and probably everywhere.
So how about 5 ways to enjoy your glass of whiskey:-

Good liquor

Better explained as balanced equation of all the senses of your mind-ish kinda thing. Heart friendly.Yes, but cautiously. Whiskey is found to have positive effects on treating cardiac problems, but in a limited use.

Cholesterol manager

Might sound strange but serving whiskey on a daily basis say 10 ml can manage your cholesterol levels.
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Cures dementia

Yet another healing factor entrusted upon whiskey is its ability to cure dementia! That’s more like saying to have a gulp of this delicious alcohol and then letting the job done. It works!

A symbol

After all who wouldn’t agree that whiskey has a special place for chivalry. High-class meetings contain well aged and well-balanced amount of this liquor. It is often used by the military officials at their meetings as a symbol of chivalry.

Anyways upon hearing this, who wouldn’t think about all these benefits and start making time for a night’s gulp. But remember this for sure, DON’T GET HIGH!

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