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7 novels that made Danielle Steel the queen of realism and romance.




It is beautifully quoted by Danielle Steel, ” If you see the magic in a fairy tale, you can face the future.”

Danielle Fernandes Dominique Schuelein-Steel is a name that is incarnated in gold, if we look into the history of literature. Reading is the only way that takes us into an imaginary world of thoughts as we flip each page of a novel. A good novel has the essence that captivates the mind of its readers and each character of the story forms a connection with every heart that reads it. There is nothing better than a Danielle Steel novel when it comes to facing the reality in the best form of emotion and combination of words. She noy only has a very simple approach towards emotions and romance but also inherits the extraordinary way to present it. If you think she just a novelist who graces her books with fictional romance , then you surely need to read her books again. She is something beyond fictional romance. She has the best combinations of close to life instances and romance that might have developed in the crucial times of the World War or the journey of a young girl from immaturity to finally finding her motive for life. If you imagine travelling to another world that seems equally real and at times better than the usual reality, just pick up any of these novels by Danielle Steel. It will not be an escape from the real world but rather an exploration of a world that is much more closer to reality; a world that will teach some of the deepest lessons of life as the story will move ahead.


THE RING-Danielle Steel

THE RING-Danielle Steel

A heart gripping storyline revolving around a young girl Araina, is the most beautiful work by Danielle Steel. The story revolves around how Araina after her father and brother disappear, faces the most brutal phases of life. The background of The World War portrays the darker side that the war carried with it. Araina becomes a victim to the most painful experience of getting trapped among people who were more like devils to her. She was almost at the edge of losing herself completely when she is saved by a soldier. The plot turns again when she again becomes alone with the responsibility of a new life that began to form in her womb. A young girl after facing her most frightening experiences of life finally meets someone who teaches her how to start a new life. The story is a perfect combination of the haunting situation of the World War, the emotional journey of a young girl and how she faces instances where her screams still haunt her in her dreams. The story of a family whose fate was differently written and how the background of the World War adds to the flavour of nightmares.


THE GIFT-Danielle Steel

THE GIFT-Danielle Steel

A story revolving around a girl, Maribath Robertson who faces an irony in her life that destroys her to some extent but also makes her the reason for a family’s happiness. The girl who commits a mistake out of infatuation and does not realize it’s circumstances, faces an unexpected pregnancy with the boy escaping. This led to another journey where she is forced to live with nuns till the baby is born and given up for adoption. The story slowly uncovers the pain and loneliness she feels, not able to express it fully. But fate had an eternal happiness and peace in store for her. She becomes the medium to rebuild a family’s lost world even though her heart ached and longed for their support while she had to leave the place. Danille Steel yet again plays with words so effortlessly that it makes the character more than just fiction. The character can be felt by every woman who realizes how it is to be strong and powerful, no matter how dominating your emotions go at times.




Another wondrous novel mostly woman centric, very delicately expressing the essence of love at first site. The novel revolves around Raphaella, a woman who got married to her father’s friend. The plot shows how she grows up to fulfil her responsibilities as a wife but at the same time encounters someone with whom she falls in love. The story holds a gripping sequence as it portrays how a woman even after falling in love with another man, remains faithful to her husband even though that marriage was no less than a formality. The journey of a woman constantly living a monotonous life and the irony when Cupid knocks her door. The book keeps it’s readers engaged till the last word, striking a chord with every person who reads it.


HEARTBEAT-Danielle Steel

HEARTBEAT-Danielle Steel

As the name suggests, this book surely freezes the heartbeat of its readers. An exceptionally emotional drama, the book revolves around the life of two people, Bill Thigpan and Adrain Townshed who face heartbreak from their spouses. Each of them is aspirational about their career and also lonely in the world of millions, when they meet each other. It is the story of how two people who have faced the similar kind of pain, gradually fall in love. Also the heartbeat of the story lies in the fact that how Bill looks forward to accepting the baby of Adrain’s husband. A complete check and mate to the mostly seen ego of men, the author has beautifully framed Bill’s character as a man of honor who moves ahead to take a stand for his love, irrespective of the fact that the baby Adrain carried in her womb was not his. A novel that tends to revive the perception that love sees no boundaries, it is one of her best selling novels.




The name itself becomes a reason why the book must have some of the most extraordinary package of emotions and how fate rules our lives. The story revolves around a family, basically three daughters who are separated when tragedy strikes their happy world. While Megan, Alexandra and Hiliry live their lives away from each other, fate has something else in store for them. Another nail biting novel by the author, describes the pain of a broken family leaving the readers in tears. The heartache of separation is conveyed in the most engaging manner ever. Each character has a deep rooted pain whose reason they realize after they meet again to unravel the secrets that were long hidden.


ZOYA-Danielle Steel

ZOYA-Danielle Steel

The story of a woman whose legacy continued for centuries, Danille Steel yet again beautifies the personna of a woman. Zoya, a woman who faces unexpected troubles in her life during the World War. Moving ahead with every phase of life, she finally faces the deepest of depression when she loses everything all over again. A story that comes as a hope that no matter how dark the night is, the sun has to shine the next day. It is the story of Zoya who gains courage to live again with her career and when love enters her heart. The undying courage of a woman who survives the darkness of the World War and comes out as a stronger person.


CROSSINGS-Danielle Steel

CROSSINGS-Danielle Steel

Anything and everything becomes extraordinary when it combines with the flavour of passion. A story revolving around the life of a married woman Liane, who surrenders in front of circumstances when she meets a man personified as passion. A conflict of emotions when she has to choose between her husband and her passion, a fight of loyalty that she owes to her husband but is driven towards another man, Nick. A journey where she treads the most difficult paths of her life keeping up with the responsibility as a wife and also losing herself to someone who for her is the only definition to passionate love.

Danielle Steel-Wordhazard Danielle Steel-Wordhazard

Danille Steel, the most read authors of all times, has given the most beautiful personifications of life, love, romance and pain through her characters. Each of her character tends to speak a story that is full of innumerable emotions and grasping moments that leave us in tears. She somewhere has constantly modified and brought up the strong personality of a woman dealing with everything that comes her way. Her novels have been the best possible definitions to life, somewhere removing the myth that the story goes merrier as you keep reading. She writes realism and the fact that life brings pain and troubles before showering the flowers of happiness.

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Yashdeep Bajpai




“Hot weather opens the skull of a city, exposing its white brain, and its heart of nerves, which sizzle like the wires inside a lightbulb. And there exudes a sour extra-human smell that makes the very stone seem flesh-alive, webbed and pulsing.”

―Truman Capote

That’s raw, right? Stripping us right down to our arteries and sizzling them, well let’s beat the hot BBQ and beat the heat this summer with some cool, really ice-cold adventure hotspots.



Rewalsar wordhazard
This quaint little town in Himachal gets a bit pressed down under the two heavy weights of a hill stations, Manali and Shimla. But, let it amaze you with simplicity and coolness of the Gaia’s amazing breeze brushing gently past the tall trees, stroll down the lanes,visit the scenic lake, hike up and enjoy the sights and cool weather.



Let’s “reclaim” Arunachal this Summer from China.Not being easily accessible, it remains an offbeat destination where the temperatures are low during the summer. Getting there itself is quite an adventure.You get to explore a new world, see the Great Himalayas from the Northeastern perspective,breathe the brisk unpolluted refreshing air that reminds us how the Giants look after us.



Who you gonna call ?!


Kurseong is a small spooky hill station 30 km away from Darjeeling and you can reach here by road or via a toy train. The ghostbusters mobile might not make it up the hills. Some legends suggest that it is “The Haunted” Dow Hill. Grab your salt and iron this beat the heat and hunt some ghosts.



You can easily ditch Mussoorie for a trip to this place. Once a summer retreat for the British Raj, this serene hill station offers a stunning panoramic view of some of nature’s delights.It offers many trekking trails and a huge forest cover makes it a nature lover and a bird watcher’s delight as well.


Tirthan Valley

Located at a distance of just over 500km from the National Capital, this place is hidden within the depths of Kullu’s towering mountains.A much needed respite from the maddening crowds, you’ll find here in, peace, in the lush green mountains and the snow-capped peaks and the babbling Tirthan River.You can either pitch your tents and camp or stay in one of the homestays at the banks of the river and fish for some trout.


Douse the fire within, let it be covered with cool waves of bliss by visiting these places and be the adventure man you dreamt of and heave a cool breath and “Let the Summer begin.”

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Harsh Chaturvedi



Paan, a simple yet effective mouthfreshner-ish kind of snack is probably the most famous munching recipe ever invented in the first place. NOTE:- NO HISTORICAL REFERENCE OR GEOGRAPHICAL INFLUENCE OF THIS FLAVOR GRENADE WILL BE DISCLOSED BECAUSE……YOU KNOW!

Here in Lucknow, this all time iconic snack is regaining its lost luster. All thanks to Mr. Shrikant Modi or better known as Modi Ji and his creative ideas about paan. To shed some light on the “set of special skills” with pan, Modi Ji disclosed his experiments:-

Brought fire paan to the city –


Talking about the exploits of pan and it’s properties, one interesting version of this simple recipe is the “fire-paan“. What was the talk of Delhi only is now being enjoyed among the Lucknow folks as well. “I made a different version of this already famous recipe.” So I fathomed hard and brought the Fire Paan here, made a few changes as well” quotes Modi Ji.

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Made a plethora of variants –

Possibly the most interesting thing about paan is its flexibility towards the creative artist. Modi Ji being one, gives  unique and exclusive variants such as ‘Tsunami Paan‘, ‘Paan Bhelpuri‘, ‘Laddoo Paan‘. Not to mention that all these variants have positive reception beyond all measures. Also, these variants have capacity to mint over a month so you can enjoy them all for a longer duration.

Brought the taste to celebrities –


It’s just like adding another feather to the cap of this awesome package of taste. Modi Ji’s paan has been on the taste buds of actors like Amitabh Bachhan, Sunil Shetty and all the way to famous politicians like Akhilesh Yadav, Mulayam Singh Yadav and many more. So that gives him an edge I guess!!

Brought it to the youth –

Paan has now an increased usage after the surge.The only reason that brought it down in the first place was its content. So now, one can enjoy the delicious snack as Modi Ji’s ‘Lakhnavi Meetha Paan‘. Much as his own invention, this is a favourite of children as well as adults. “I wanted to create a paan that could be eaten by both kids and adults alike“, and guess what he did it!

So next time when you think about paan, don’t just think about munching it down like a regular chewing gum. Feel the taste as it blends with your taste buds. And don’t forget to ring the brass bell hanging on Modi Ji’s shop. You’ll remember it forever!

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Art & History

What makes delhi’s food culture diverse and unique!!





Delhi is a cosmopolitan city with people from many cultures and religion. The red sandstone Mughal capital has diverse food cultures of different cultures such as the Mughals, Kayasthas , Baniyas and Kshatris. Delhi’s cuisine has thrived due to intermingling of cultures in the city.

The uniqueness of delhi’s palate is that different families have old cultural recipes that they won’t mind sharing and staying true to the true amazing flavours.


Be it a meal for hungry college students or even a late night-snack, the paranthas of this street food capital are always on the top of the list.The choices of stuffing are galore potatoes, cauliflower, radish, keema and eggs. That is why the Maharaja of Kashmir and the Nehru family were penchant for this place.


What fun is a trip without trying out the local street food? So here are the chaat stalls near India Gate.It has a variety that is beyond any match while a taste that leaves you licking your fingers!


KEBABS | delhi
The Mughal culture gives Delhi one of its authentic flavours-its kebab. These grilled chunks of meat or fish marinated in Indian spices are loved by both locals and tourists.Kebabs can be found in many restaurants, most famous being the Ghalib Kebab corner and RK Puram kebabs.



This lip-smacking Punjabi dish is usually accompanied by Lassi. The Sita Ram Diwan Chand shop in Paharganj is famous for serving its chole bhature since 1984. (34 years! That’s pretty amazing!)

If you visit Delhi, you can’t help but fall in love with its food! The food is quite unique  because Delhiites use ancient recipes and will freely share them with you. Because, eternal love resides in food!

Visit. Witness. Cherish.

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