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10 quotes that justify Amrita Pritam was the literary queen

A mere reflection into the history will reveal the contribution of women. Yes, women have brought revolutions — in ideas, in thoughts, in love, in literature, in every sphere of life. But have you come across any? Few, but yes. If you’ve been wondering, the charts have been topped by Amrita Pritam.

Amrita. With Punjabi foreground, she was the most versatile literati who has her name engraved in gold in the Indian history. She was a writer, poet, essayist, novelist, who is loved piously in both India and Pakistan.
She won many accolades for her work, but her personal life was as melancholic as her professional life was successful. She spent her last 40 years of life in a romantic relationship with Imroz, nonetheless, her love for Sahir was not a secret to him.

The art of writing is a blessing earned by few. It seems as if she was gifted with this art. Here is a peek into some of her artistry.


1. There aren’t enough words to describe how soothing her work is!

2. This woman always makes her audience fall in love with all her poems.

3. Such is the strength of Love that the bitter it tastes, the harder one falls for it

4. Instead of searching joy from the outside world, take a moment to discover the world hidden inside you

5. When a word comes to the tip of the tongue, it kills itself before it is expressed. If saved the trouble, it stains the paper with ink, committing another murder.

6. Her runes truly does something to us, maybe make us feel the feeling that falling in love really is.

7. The poem ‘Roji’ is wonderful and much appropriate, even today and might as well be in future.

8. Overwhelming the emotions upto their zenith, such is her impact.

9. Falling harder day by day, such was her vibrance that even God could not stop love from ruining her !

Amrita Pritam

10. Are you capable of receiving what is ready to be served? This is a powerful question we must answer while setting a goal.

Amrita Pritam

Designed by :  Dhairya Shukla

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